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Interlibrary Loan

(abbreviated ILL, and sometimes called interloaninterlendingdocument delivery, or document supply) is a service whereby a patron of one library can borrow books or receive photocopies of documents that are owned by another library. The patron makes a request with us, which, acting as an intermediary, identifies owners of the desired item, places the request, receives the item, makes it available to the patron, and arranges for its return. The lending library usually sets the due date and overdue fees of the material borrowed. Although books and journal articles are the most frequently requested items, some libraries will lend audio recordings, video recordings, maps, sheet music, and microforms of all kinds. A nominal fee accompanies interlibrary loan services.  The end user is usually responsible for any fees, such as costs for postage or photocopying. Commercial document delivery services will borrow on behalf of any customer willing to pay their rates.

Interlibrary Loan Agreement

1. Items will be requested from Loaning libraries for patrons with Library cards which do not reflect unpaid fines, fees, or overdue materials.

2. Each request is limited to three (3) items. After items have been returned another three item request may be made.

3. At present the mailing fee of $2.00 will be waived as a Mississippi Library Commission grant is in place.

4. Please be aware that not all materials may be available for loan and that the Loaning Library may charge a fee in addition to the mailing fee for the borrowed items.

5. Once a request has been submitted to a Loaning Library, we are not responsible for the Loaning Library’s response time.

6. Audio-visual items generally are not loaned and will not be requested.

7. Current items (less than a year old) are not loaned and will not be requested.

8. No more than three (3) attempts will be made to locate and obtain the requested item.

9. Borrowed items have a check-out period of three (3) weeks, unless the Loaning Library requires an earlier return date.

10. If not returned by the due date, overdue charges of $1.00 per day will accrue.

11. Items not returned within 45 days will be considered lost and a replacement cost fee as determined by the Loaning Library will be placed on the patron’s record.

12. A Library staff member will call and notify the patron when the borrowed item is available for pickup. Borrowed items will be held for no more than seven (7) days. If not picked up within that time, the item will be returned and another mailing fee will be required for a new request.

13. Patrons are responsible for insuring that the correct contact information is given when the request is made.

14. The Library assumes no responsibility for undelivered notices.

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