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This class will be hosted on Tuesdays at 2PM till 4PM every week. This class will host 6 patrons who will be learning about Windows Computer Basics.  The second class which is on Thursday will be the same material but for a different group of patrons. Each week classes will be hosted 6 times in the future weeks.

The classes will be first come first serve, once we have our 12 folks no more will be taken this series. However those that wish to pre-register for future series will be welcomed. Also we will take two standbys for the first classes, if those that have registered do not show up I will call the standby to take their places and the first registers will lose their spots.

Each person that registers will need the following items:

  1. A notebook
  2. 1 black ink pen
  3. 1 blue ink pen
  4. 1 red ink pen
  5. 1 USB Flash Memory Thumb Drive


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