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Where's the print button?  Found this original artwork by Dave Carpenter.  I redrew this cartoon using the original as inspiration.





You'll be amazed what your Library can do for you . . . and most of it for FREE!

Your community center for information, technology and culture.

Where's the print button?  Found this original artwork by Dave Carpenter.  I redrew this cartoon using the original as inspiration.

Open the Door to Knowledge

One Place.  Many Reads.

Come and visit us and browse our collection of Fiction, Non-Fiction and Reference materials.  Sit in our reading room and enjoy a cup of coffee while reading many regional newspapers and national ones.  Browse the internet with your own mobile computing device or use one of our many public workstations for free!

It's Story Time @ your library

Come one and all!  Enjoy a special time for your children.

New Movies at Your Library

We have DVD, Blu-Ray and 3D Blu-Ray.

Video disk check-outs are hot!  smallArmstronglogo.png


Find out when new books are available as soon as they arrive at the library!

Browse the latest and greatest books from the library online and sign up for email updates, so you never miss a new release.

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