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World TV Online - International television featuring eight geographically designated channels accessible 24/365.  News, talk, dram, children's and music programming exactly as people see it in their own countries.  Available for download and live stream. Foreign Text - A global newsstand of newspapers, magazines and books. Unabridge publications that present news, sports, entertainment, political commentary and more.  Searchable content featuring OCR technology.
Insta-Class - Ready-to-use "instant" multi-media language lessons produced by SCOLA language experts from around the world. Multi-genre lessons for classroom and individual use are based on actual foreign content and include video clips, transcripts, translations, vocabulary lists and quizzes. International Radio -  Exotic radio broadcasts featuring SCOLA exclusives: Afghan Women's Radio and rare Mayan dialects.  Seldom heard news, talk shows, music and more in 40+ languages.
Specialized Word Video Search - A searchable collection of over 150,000 specialized native language words.  Users are able to view a native language video clip containing the words, listen to an audible pronunciation and hear the words spoken in context. Country Overview Videos - Unique travelogue-style videos from every corner of the globe produced exclusively for SCOLA and narrated by native speakers.
On the Street Videos - Compelling videos from around the world produced exclusively for SCOLA.  Designed to present the native language as it is spoken informally among friends and neighbors.  Family and cultural celebrations, weddings and wedding toasts, sports, parades and interviews on intriguing topics. Learning Objects - Interactive self-contained language lessons geared toward independent study.  Lessons provide instructive assessment and feedback from a sociocultural perspective.
People and Places - An original snapshot gallery of SCOLA friends from around the world and places they live.  Thousands of vibrant pictures to browse, download and display for any educational purpose. Mobile Apps - All SCOLA services are available via the SCOLA app.
Savior-Vivre - A global adventure in culture.  Travel the world, discover its people, explore new lifestyles.

SCOLA's mission is to help the people of the world learn about one another; their cultures, their languages and their ideologies.  SCOLA emphasizes the importance and effectiveness of modern information technology as a tool in overcoming barriers to global understanding and will remain at the forefront of its application.

Attention Library Patrons

If you would like to discover SCOLA and use its features please contact a JGAPL Staff member for account access.

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