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The Internet is like a giant public library with wide-open media. Anyone can get access to anything. Parents should be aware of what their children are doing on the Internet.

Directories by Dewey Numbers:

  • Search the Web

The Math Forum's Ask Dr. Math
Ask Dr. Math is a question and answer service for K-12 math students and their teachers. A searchable archive is available by level and topic, together with a FAQ.
Pitsco's Ask an Expert
A directory of links to persons who have volunteered their time to answer questions in 12 subject areas.
Help and referral service to K–12 students looking for resources for school or personal interests. Students e-mail a question and receive a message from a volunteer library media specialist within two school days. Sponsored AASL.

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  • Sites for Kids

Great Websites for Kids
Librarian-selected sites in all areas of interest. Includes sites in Spanish and sites for parents and teachers.
Canton Public Library, Michigan
The Canton Public Library has wonderful kids' links by various subjects, including learning links, reading links (links to author information and reading lists by topic), fun and game links and more.
America's Story from America's Library--Library of Congress
This site by the Library of Congress is designed for young people, with wonderful stories and activities for all ages.
Multnomah County Library Homework Center
Over 30 subject areas are listed with many related links that will be useful in homework assignments
Lesson Plans for Military Kids - Elementary School

Lesson plans appropriate for students in grades 1-4 are provided on subjects such as Social Studies, Mathematics and Language Arts. Lessons take 25-50 minutes to complete and include instructions for whole-class, small-group or independent activities.
Lesson Plans for Military Kids - Middle School
Lesson plans appropriate for students in grades 5-8 are provided on subjects such as Social Studies, Mathematics and Language Arts. Lessons take 15-55 minutes to complete and include instructions for whole-class, small-group or independent activities. Some lessons by extend through multiple sessions.
Lesson Plans for Military Kids - High School
Lesson plans appropriate for students in grades 9-12 are provided on subjects such as Social Studies, Mathematics and Language Arts. Lessons take 15-60 minutes to complete and include instructions for whole-class, small-group or independent activities. Some lessons by extend through multiple sessions.
Special Needs Lesson Plans
These important financial lessons are for special needs students. Educators can customize lesson plans to best fit their students' needs and learning styles.
Real Estate, Mathematics and Financial Literacy:Tips for Teachers helping students plan for Success
Real estate - including renting, buying and investing - is an important concept for children to grasp, and yet it can feel like too much of an “adult” concept. Particularly for math and economics teachers, having a resource with lesson plans and information about these topics and how they relate to students age-appropriately is helpful. Here are some excellent resources and lesson plans you can use today in your classroom, as well as information about what topics will reach your children best.
Let's Cook! Class Curriculum Note: Single PDF document quite large. Mirror
The Let’s Cook! Class was adapted from the Cooking With Kids™ Curriculum then, modified and expanded by Stephanie Hightower Rendulic to promote fruit & vegetable consumption in children (ages 9-13) living in low income households. &Numerous focus groups were conducted to gather feedback and the curriculum was adapted as necessary. &Further, extensive pre- and post-outcome data, including fruit & vegetable preferences and cooking skill levels, has been collected to validate the curriculum’s success.

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  • Curriculum Resources

Education World
Sites and tips for educators, including lesson plans and handouts.
Greek Mythology and the theater
Greek theater is still one of the most important and long-lasting theatrical influences in the world, dating from around 700 BC and with some Greek plays still being performed to this day

  • Homework Meta-Sites

Awesome Library for Kids
A virtual library of over 14,000 carefully reviewed links for elementary and middle school students indexed by subject area.
B. J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper
A searchable collection of more than 440 Internet resources categorized by curriculum areas.
Discovery Education
Discovery Education offers free student resources that bring learning to life. Look at interactive games, videos, contests, virtual labs and activities to dive deeper into a topic and have fun too.
Fact Monster
Information, reference materials, and fun facts, with features updated daily.
Homework Help at Proquest
Search thousands of links that are indexed by school subjects and divided into three age categories: grades 1-6, middle school, high school and beyond. All web searches are filtered.
Internet Public Library Youth Division
Links for children ages 4-11 and parents and teachers.

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  • Other Fun Sites to Visit
Interactive site with math, reading, and other arcade type kids games, as well as flash cards. IAt also links to sites for teahers.
Education Place
Games and activities for reading/language arts, science, social studies and mathematics.
Mother Goose Society
It includes a history of Mother Goose, rhymes with histories and recipes, and finger plays.
National Geographic World
Learn world geography by playing games.
PBS Kids
Provides more than 50 fun games and hosts web sites for all of your favorite characters, like Arthur, Barney, Zoboomafoo, and ZOOM. It also has information about PBS programs such as Reading Rainbow and Between the Lions.
Dr. Seuss
Random House site for kids. Includes interactive games, contests, and information on Seuss and his works.
Scholastic for kids
Scholastic Books interactive pages where kids can play with their favorite book characters, read about new books, and see software reviews.

  • Stories online

Book Adventure
A free reading motivation program for children in grades K-8. Children create their own book lists from over 7,000 recommended titles, take multiple choice quizzes on the books they've read, and earn points and prizes for their literary successes. Book Adventure was created by and is maintained by Sylvan Learning.
Book pals
Stories read aloud by actors from the Screen Actors Guild.
Goodnight Stories
Read a story, hear a story, finish a story, and more.
Light up your Brain
Brain teaser game and audio stories for kids.
Story Nory
iPod-ready stories for kids.

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  • Arts and Crafts
DLTK Crafts for kids

Family Arts and Crafts

Fun Crafts for Kids

Paper Airplanes

  • Children's Literature Resources

Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Sites
Lists of reviewed children's books by title, subject, by grade level, etc.
Children's Literature Web Guide
Links to lists of award-winning books, best sellers, and other recommended reading lists.
Children's Literature & Language Arts Resources
Focuses on children's literature in education.

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  • Directories by Dewey Numbers 000-999
  • 000 Generalitites

Brittanica Online
Fee-based service accessing contents of the print encyclopedia. Available through the Texas State Electronic Library
Encarta Online
Encyclopedia, dictionary, and atlas that include a homework index organized by subject.
Fact Monster
Atlas, almanac, encyclopedia, and dictionary for kids. By Information Please Almanac.
Online Encyclopedia in Spanish
Information Please Almanac
General purpose almanac

  • 100 Philosophy

Salem Witch Trials
A National Geographic history of the Salem witch trials.
Salem Massachusetts Witch Trials
An overview and chronology of the Salem witch trials.

  • 200 Religion

Bulfinch's Mythology: The Age of Fable or Stories of Gods and Heroes
An online edition of the classic text with annotations, illustrations, and hyperlinks. Searchable by keywords, names, or phrases.
Catholic Online Saints and Angels Index
A searchable index of saints and angels, lists of patron saints, and information about feast days.
Encyclopedia Mythica
An online encyclopedia of world mythology, folklore, and legend. Browse by culture or search by keyword.
This site is devoted to the heroes, gods, and monsters of Greek mythology. Click on "Encyclopedia" for an Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology that is arranged alphabetically.

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  • 300 Social Science

Aesop's Fables
Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids
Information on how laws are made, branches of government, historical documents, the election process, and much more. Organized by grades K - 2, 3 - 5, 6 - 8, and 9 - 12, with sections for parents and teachers
College Net
Portal for applying to college over the web.
The Financial Aid Information Page
Information on loans and other sources of aid from the National Association of student Financial Aid Administrators.
Occupational Outlook Handbook
Excellent resource for job and career information.
The OYEZ Project
Abstracts of selected Supreme Court cases. Search by title, citation, or date, or browse by subject. Includes audio files and images.
Peterson' The Education and Career Center
College experts bring you information about schools, applications you can download, and more.
State of Texas Information
Portal site for citizens, visitors, business and government employees.
Web U.S. Universities, by State
A list of university web sites organized by State.

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  • 400 Language

Browse thousands of words in the ASL dictionary online or search ASL signs/words.
Language Terms
A Basic Dictionary of American Sign. Search or browse through this dictionary. The signs are illustrated and animated.
Grammar On-Line
The site includes a guide to English grammar and free skill tests to find your English level. It also has links to courses to learn dozens of languages.
Merriam-Webster Online
Includes word lookup and thesaurus, plus word puzzles.
OneLook Dictionaries
Includes over 600 online dictionaries.
Resources for Spanish Language and Literature
Links to general resources, dictionaries and newspapers in Spanish.
Links to more than 1500 dictionaries representing more than 230 general or specialized word in English or foreign-language dictionaries. Links are selected by an Advisory Council of Experts comprised of some two dozen of the world's most accomplished linguists.

  • 500 Science

Includes the chemistry of biology, how the world of biology is studied, and cell structure and function.
The Biology Project
An online, interactive resource for learning biology designed for high school and college students.
Brain Teasers
Math problems every week for 3-4, 5-6, 7+ grade levels.
CELLS Alive!
Information about the worlds visible only through a microscope.
Designed to teach the basics of chemistry to kids.
The Constellations and their Stars
Information about all 88 constellations and the named stars within them, plus links to sky charts, and links to Greek and Roman star myths and classical maps of constellations.
Discovery Channel
A companion to the educational cable channel, this site is divided into broad categories of history, technology, nature, exploration, and science. Includes many online exhibits and feature articles.
Electronic Zoo
Wildlife, marine animals, zoo animals, and more!
Endangered Species Program
Sponsored by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
The Math Forum: Math Resources by Subject
Resources for students from kindergarten through graduate studies.
Math Forum : Elementary School
An on-line or printable resource designed for students from Kindergarten to 8th grade.
Neuroscience Resources for Kids
Information about the brain and its functions.
Descriptions of common sea animals.
The Online Biology Book
A wide variety of information and images related to freshman biology.
Rainforest Action Network
Includes rainforest information and what you can do features.
Ranger Rick's Kid's Zone
Provided by National Wildlife Federation. Learn about animals through games quizzes and reports.
Science buddies
Tips on science project ideas and on how to do a science project.
Views of the solar system
A multimedia adventure that reveals the splendopr of the sun, planets, moons, comets, asteroids and more.
Volcano World
Volcanoes of the world sorted by region, country, and name.
WWW Unit Converter
Converts units of area, density, energy, force, temperature, speed, weight, length, and more.
Web Elements
Description, key data and additional information on each element in the periodic table.
The Why Files
Uses current events to explore larger issues of science, health, environment, and technology. New stories related to current headlines are posted each week. Archives contain over 150 illustrated stories

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  • 600 Technology (Applied Sciences)

Human Anatomy Online
Select information and images on ten anatomy systems, including the digestive system, skeletal system, circulatory system, and nervous system, and retrieve images and information on each. Also features lesson plans.
Electronic Zoo
Links to all kinds of animals, plus vet information.
Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body
Features 1,247 engravings from the classic 1918 publication, as well as a subject index with 13,000 entries. Users may search, browse through the table of contents, or browse through an alphabetical list of topics.
PONGO: Get the job you want
Provides simple-to-use online forms to create resumes.

  • 700 Arts

Art History Resources on the Web
Links to information about art history from prehistoric times to the present.
Art: A knowledge base of art
Links to artists, painters, museums and more
Guide to museum-quality fine art on the Internet. References to Internet sites where artists' works can be viewed.
Draw and Color with Uncle Fred
Provides step-by-step instructions of drawing and pictures of finished product.
Offers the lyrics to almost 2000 songs and lullabies, as well as stories, games and contests.
PBS Online
A class="link-button-primary-small w3-card-2 w3-hover-shadow" comprehensive companion Web site for more than 400 PBS television programs and specials, as well as original Web content and real-time learning adventures. More than 85,000 pages of content to explore.
Web Museum Paris
Art exhibits from around the world.

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  • 800 Literature

Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations (1919 edition)
A collection of passages, phrases, and proverbs traced to their sources in ancient and modern literature.
Children’s Literature Web Guide
Comprehensive collection of Internet resources related to literature for children and young adults.
Columbia Guide to Online Style
Presents a guide to locating, translating, and using the elements of citation for both a humanities style (i.e., MLA and Chicago) and a scientific style (APA and CBE) for electronically-accessed sources, including Internet sites, discussion lists, e-mail, and newsgroups, electronic publications, online databases, and more.
Literary Criticism Collection
The IPL Online Literary Criticism Collection contains 3936 critical and biographical web sites about authors and their works that can be browsed by author, title, nationality, and literary period. Includes links to additional web sites about literary criticism.
Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet
An student's guide to the scholarly Shakespeare resources available on the Internet.
Includes an interactive, MLA-style, bibliography composer that provides fields in which students may enter bibliographic information on resources in print and electronic formats.
Shakespeare Online
General information and full-text of works

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  • 900 Geography & History
State symbols, flags, maps, history, and much more.
The American Civil War Home Page
Comprehensive links to electronic files about the American Civil War
American Memory
Primary sources from the online collection of the Library of Congress on a variety of topics in United States history. The information is arranged by chronological period. The primary source excerpts were chosen because they deal with important and interesting topics in U.S. history.
Ancient Worlds
An introduction to ancient world cultures.
Atlapedia of Countries A to Z
A searchable database of countries with information about population, capital, climate, people, religions, languages, government, economy, and more.
Archiving Early America
Historic documents from 18th Century America.
Handbook of Texas Online
An encyclopedia of Texas history, geography, and culture
Lone Star Junction
An online resource about Texas, it's symbols, and it's early history.
National Geographic
Searchable, interactive site with articles from National Geographic magazine.
National Geographic World
Searchable, interactive site with articles from National Geographic World magazine for children.
The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
Location, map, history, pictures, and description of each of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.
State Flags, Facts, Songs, Maps and Symbols
Texas Online
Information on many topics, including maps, tourism, government officials, business, and symbols.
World Atlas and Maps
Includes alphabetical list of countries/continents or countries organized by continent and region. Also includes maps and geographical information for U.S., major world cities and oceans.
WorldGenWeb for Kids
Site for kids (18 and under) or classes studying genealogy/history.
The World Factbook (CIA)
For over 50 years, the CIA has annually published The World Factbook with up-to-date and in-depth information on countries. The online site includes maps and appendixes.
World Flag Database
Color pictures of national flags of countries throughout the world and their states.
World Site Atlas
Maps, hotels, tourist information, weather, photos, links, and news.

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  • Biography

American Presidents
C-Span maintains this site with biographies, images, inaugural addresses, and information about people and events related to terms of office of each U.S. president.
Authors and Illustrators on the Web
Links to web pages of children's writers and illustrators, including authors' personal web sites and web sites maintained by fans, scholars, and readers.
Searchable database of more than 15,000 names of the worlds greatest individuals, past and present. The brief entries are from the Cambridge Biographical Encyclopedia.
Biographical Dictionary
Biographical information on more than 28,000 notable men and women who have shaped our world from ancient times to the present day.
Biographies of Mathematicians
Searchable database of biographies of mathematicians from 1680 to 1947. Entries may also be browsed chronologically by era or alphabetically by name.
Eric Weisstein's World of Scientific Biography
Biographies of scientists in the fields of math, physics, astronomy, and chemistry.
Famous Hispanics in the World and History
Brief biographies of famous Hispanics.
Inventors Hall of Fame
Brief biographies of inventors selected by the National Inventors Hall of Fame. Includes links to inventions
National Women's Hall of Fame
Brief biographies of some of the greatest women in the history of this country.
POTUS Presidents of the United States
Biographies and other Information about the 42 Presidents of the United States.
Awesome Library for Kids
A virtual library of over 14,000 carefully selected items.

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