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Definition: A cruel and brutal fellow.
Synonyms: yobo, bully, hooligan, rowdy, ruffian, yob, tough

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which way the wind blows

What appears probable or likely; how a certain course or situation is likely to develop.

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Rwanda National Heroes' Day

Rwandans celebrate Heroes' Day on February 1. National celebrations take place starting early in the morning with the laying of wreaths at the Heroes' Cemetery at Remera, Kigali, by the president, officials of the government, and the families of the country's heroes. Wreaths are also laid at Nyange in memory of students who stood against the rebel forces of the Rwandan genocide. The national Heroes' Day celebration at Nyange features songs, dances, and poems praising the virtues and good example of the national heroes. More...

Quote of the Day
Democracy means simply the bludgeoning of the people by the people for the people.
Oscar Wilde

Word Trivia

Today's topic: truck

roo bar - An Australian term for a metal bar on the front of a car or truck that prevents the vehicle from being damaged in the event of a collision with an animal (such as a kangaroo). More...

snow groomer - A truck or other vehicle, either with tracks running along both sides or dragging equipment behind, used to maintain ski hills and groom (pack down) snow. More...

truck farm - Refers to the sense of truck as "commodities for sale," and, later, "garden produce for market." More...

truck - Formed by combining Latin trochos, "wheel," and Greek trechein, "to run," it originally referred to a wooden wheel. More...

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Our own version of the classic hangman game. Your goal is to save the hangman from the gallows by identifying the hidden word before you run out of guesses.

  1. In the box marked “your guess,” type letters that you believe the hidden word contains.
  2. If you choose a letter that is part of the hidden word, the computer fills in the blank(s), showing you where your letter appears in the word.
  3. If you choose a letter that is not part of the hidden word, it appears in the “garbage bin,” and a line is added to the hangman’s gallows.
  4. Guess correct letters and spell the hidden word before the hangman’s gallows are completed, and you win the game!
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