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Donors to Our Building Renovation - THANKS!

Special Thanks:

To an anonymous donor who challenged us to raise $15,000 - and then offered to donate another $15,000 to match it.

To the Krewe of Fat Mama's who has partnered with the Friends to help us raise these funds. And together with the Natchez Adams Public Schools, raised $3,024.66 with Greens for Jeans.

  • Braden School 
  • Central
  • Fallin 
  • Frazier Primary
  • McLaurin School
  • Morgantown Elementary
  • Natchez High School
  • Robert Louis Middle School
  • West Primary


To the Rotary Club of Natchez for their generous donation of $5000.

To Johnnie Waycaster for his generous donation of $500.

To Julie & Charles Caldwell for their generous donation of $500.

To the Armstrong-Nickoll Family Foundation for their generous donation of $500.

To Pat Kirkland for the donation of 30 gallons of paint.

Click here to see a diagram of the shutters and who adopted them.

Shutters Paint
Linda & Duncan McFarlane Casey Hughes
Faye & Bob Weatherly Anonymous Donor (4 gallons)
Ella & Calvin Young Jean Biglane
Anonymous Donor Susan & Gabriel Cassagne
Elaine & Michael Gemmell Dorothy & Frank Drouillard
Natchez Newcomers Club Maureen Corcoran
Shanna & Bob Pollard William Murphy
Maureen Corcoran Constance McDonough
William Murphy Mary Jo Gunde
Natchez Scottish Heritage Society Jacqulyn Williams
Susan & John Hudson Heida Hicks (2 gallons)
Butch Brown (2 shutters) Nancy & John Williams
Teri & Barry Tillman Vera Grissinger & Sterling Dossett
Patricia & Michael Murphy (2 shutters) Barbara Rodriguez
Pam McDonald Anne Allmand
Jeanie & Bazile Lanneau Britton Gammill
Betty & Johnny Hicks Martha Jane Ratcliff (2 gallons)
Kathy & Melton King (2 shutters) Mary Holland
Ireland-Couch Family Michele Humes
Jane & Walker Carby Karen & Josh Callaway
Genny, Bradley, & Christi Harrison Betsy & Jim Crawford
Judy & Jim Wiggins Dr and Mrs William Dickey
Temple Hendricks Alma Martinez
Janet & Dan Dillard D'Juana Noble
Gwen & David Ball Sibyl Strozier
Heida Hicks (2 shutters) Mr & Mrs R L Wallace
Diana Haik Sharlot Chapman
Diana Glaze Davilynn & Bill Furlow
Robert Kuehnle Stedman, Sue & Joe (2 gallons)
Priscilla & John Dale Kevin Diesen
Linda & Page Ogden I J Florence
Vera Grissinger & Sterling Dossett (2 shutters) Ann Garrity (2 gallons)
Sherry & Chuck Bearden William Blowe
Colby Passman Sandra & John Tipton
Mr & Mrs John Sanguinetti Rebecca & Mark Fortenbery
Kay McNeil Richard Viglione
Anonymous John Coffee
Maria Bowser & Sue Moeser Fat Mama's Tamales (2 gallons)
Wanda Holder Jack Lazarus
Julie & Forrest Johnson Eva Seale
Becky & Ed Swindell Helen Flowers
Pamela Wood Frances Killian
Devin & David Gammill Charles Combs
Caroline Doughty Aaliyah Thompson
Karen & Gary O'Neal Camille Tedder (2 gallons)
Kathryn & Chris Nutter Joy & Charles Moore
Alice & Hendrik Kuiper Carol & Joseph Frank
Heather & Jamie Kearney Patricia Pomeroy
Aimee Guido Sharon Browning
Jennie Guido Evelyn Williams
Jim Dent Melinda & Allen Laird
Dr & Mrs William Dickey Jeanne Slover
Mary Ann B Jones Cindy Idom/West Primary
Missy & Walter Brown Cindy Idom
Mary Ann & Doyle Spell Margy Graham
Gerry Blanchard Glenn Joseph Hebert
Linda Lewis Kuriger Leslie Bruning
Nancy & Scott Kimbrell Pauline & James Lambert
Sue & Joe Stedman (2 shutters) Jesse Pollard
Ginny & Paul Benoit Johnny Tarver
Kent Knee Healthy Homes Mississippi Team I
Nu Xi Chapter, Omega Psi Phi In memory of Gill Smith
Casey & Bryan McFarlane (2 shutters) In memory of Dr Clifford Tillman
Tony Fields  
Rebecca & Mark Fortenbery  
Concordia Bank & Trust Co (2 shutters)  
Pat Biglane  
Jeanie & John Batson  
Susanne & Sam Tomlinson  
In memory of Joseph McFarland (2 shutters)  
Neil Varnell  
Lela Jeanne Nall  
Cammie & Bill Dale (2 shutters)  
Terry McCuan  
Cindy Stringer Family  
Stevens & Hobdy  
Stephanie McCaa/Cindy Idom  
West Primary School  
Margy Graham  
James Goss  

Misc Contributions: $24,930 as of 8/8/2012   Total Contributions: $35,730 as of 8/8/2012!

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