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Computer / Internet Acceptable Use Policy

Technological services, in particular public computers, word processing and other software programs, as well as access to the internet, are among the services offered by the  Judge George W. Armstrong Library. The purpose of library-provided access to technological services is to supplement existing resources. Access is a privilege, not a right, and requires responsibility on the part of the user. Inappropriate use or violations of this privilege may result in its cancellation.

Misuse of the public computers, or violation of these guidelines, will result in the following:

  • A first offense will result in the discontinuation of that period of time remaining for the patron's use of the internet.
  • A second offense will permanently suspend the patron's internet use privileges.
  • Unacceptable behavior may result in the patron being asked to leave the library, or, in the case of a criminal offense, the police being contacted.
  • In some cases, extreme violations of these guidelines may result in criminal prosecution.
Computer Use Guidelines

To assure compliance with library policies, the Library System reserves the right to visually and electronically monitor patron use of public computers. Patrons should have no expectations of privacy when using the Library’s public computers. Patrons should also be aware that data may be retrieved by law enforcement authorities if criminal activity is suspected.

Time and print management software is used to monitor public computers and requires that all pages requiring printing be paid for in advance to Library staff.

Any use of the Library’s public computers constitutes agreement to the Library’s Computer / Internet Use Policy.

Public computer use is available at no charge to patrons whose record reflects a clear balance. A patron whose record reflects an unpaid balance owed to the Library is required to pay a minimum of twenty-five percent (25%) of the amount owed. The patron will then be given a temporary card for use for that day. Temporary cards expire at midnight each night.

A valid I.D. must be shown if a patron doesn’t have their library card in possession. The resident’s name will be checked against the library’s database to determine if they are a registered patron and to insure no balance is owed. Residents who are not registered patrons will be encouraged to apply for a library card.  A visitor’s card can be provided to a patron who presents a valid picture identification card to Staff.  Visitor’s cards expire at midnight each night.

Computer use time will be limited to a thirty-minute session. If no one is waiting, or has a reservation, a session may be renewed up to four times. After an initial session, a computer user may be asked to relinquish the computer for a new user’s session. Total time allowed, per person, per day, will be limited to two hours. Adjustment of this limit will be left to the discretion of the Assistant in charge after a waiting period of thirty minutes. Patrons who wish to reserve a public computer may do so on a first come, first served basis.

During non-school hours, public computer use for school-related purposes (i.e., term papers, research, etc.) will be given first priority. That decision will be left to the discretion of the Assistant in charge.

Printing is available at a cost of 25¢ per page for black print only, and $1.25 per page for color print. At the Judge George W. Armstrong Library, printed pages originating from a public computer on the first floor may be claimed at the Circulation Desk. Printed pages originating from a public computer on the second floor may be claimed at the Children’s Librarian’s Desk.

Patrons may not download files to the public computer's hard drive. Patrons must use USB drives to save any files or programs that the patron has. The Library System assumes no responsibility for damages incurred to personal drives or another computer due to viruses, spyware, harmful programs, or other corrupted files contained on drives used with the Library System's computers.

Our Library provides wireless access to the internet which is bound by a separate policy.

Our Library provides Early Literacy Station (ELS) computers, restricted to use by children under the age of 10, loaded with specific educational programs.  These computers are located upstairs in the Children's library area.  Use of these computers is bound by a separate policy.

A patron can request reservation on one of the public workstations to use for testing and/or onoline form usage, this computer will be setup for use of uninterrupted time for this testing.

Use of a public computer will be limited to one patron at a time, except in the case of an adult working with a minor.

Public computers may not be used for personal, for-profit and/or business purposes.

Use of a public computer or the internet to engage in any activity which constitutes violation of local, state, and/or federal law, including, but not restricted to, identity theft, violation of copyright law, or acts of a criminal nature, is strictly prohibited.

Changes to public computer system files are prohibited; violators may be punishable by law under any or all of the Mississippi Code 1972, Annotated: §97-45-3, §97-45-7, or §97-45-9. This includes installing software onto these computers without the consent of the Information Technologist's approval.

Internet Provisions

Patrons who wish to use the public computers provided for internet access are to be advised of the following:

  • Computer Use Guidelines must be adhered to at all times.
  • Minor children, aged thirteen or younger, must be accompanied by a parent or guardian each time said minor wishes to access the internet. The parent or guardian must have a valid library card or picture I.D. and access the internet using such.
  • Minors between the ages of fourteen and seventeen may access the internet providing the following conditions are met: (1) Parents or legal guardians who wish to permit access of the internet for their minor child/ward must agree to, complete, and sign the agreement form, which will be kept on file at the respective library. (2) Said minor must present a valid library card each time they wish to use a public computer.
  • Purchases may not be made via a public computer. Security of credit card numbers or any other personal information given over the internet cannot be guaranteed.  Be cautious when doing these transactions as the Library assumes NO responsibility for your actions.
  • Patrons may not access sites which display text or graphics which may reasonably be construed as obscene, pornographic, violent, or which espouse drug use or other illegal activities, or condone violence or discrimination toward others.
  • Filtering is provided through the internet service provider under contract with the State of Mississippi.
  • Staff are not available for personal computer instruction. Staff may offer searching suggestions, answer questions, or assist in locating self-help books. Books on computer use are available for checkout.

The Judge George W. Armstrong Library considers public computer use and/or access to the internet as a privilege, not a right, for its patrons. Inappropriate use or violations may result in the cancellation of this privilege.

All referenced policies were approved by the Administrative Board of Trustees and are on file in the Library’s Administrative Office, at the Information and Circulation desks, the Children’s Librarian’s desk, and at the Circulation desk of each Branch Library.

The Administrative Board of Trustees reserves the right to modify this policy at any time.

Board Approved 27 September 2002

Amended 13 May 2005

Amended 14 March 2008

Amended 8 January 2010

Revised 15 April 2011

Revised 9 March 2012

Revised 19 Dec 2016

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