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Classic eBooks to Download

(Not just for) Homework Downloads

What if you need to read a book for school, but all the copies are checked out? If it's a "classic work of literature" (meaning "old") book and you have your smart phone, you may be able to download it and read it on your phone right now. The black and white images below are special codes, called QR codes, that link to eBooks you can read on your phone or tablet computer.

But you'll need a few things to use the codes: your phone, the Overdrive Media Console software and a QR code reader.

If you don't already have it, you can download the Overdrive Media Console from here: Overdrive Media Console. Install it on the phone or portable device you'll use to read the eBook.  On your first download of an eBook your device may ask which application to use.  Select the Media Console and set it as default for eBooks.

If you don't have a QR Code reader on your phone, you can download one from the iTunes App Store, Android Market, Windows Marketplace or BlackBerry App World depending on your phone.

Once you install the code reader, you can open the app and use your phone's camera to scan the code for the book you want. And when the book downloads, it will be yours to keep, for free!

And if you don't have a smart phone or app-enabled device, you can still click on the code and download the book to your computer.

The collection of texts on this page was chosen from the most popular downloads and from popular selections from student reading lists. If you want to browse through over 34,000 free texts available for downloading, click here.

You can find Free ebooks here

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