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The top three webmail providers are Google (Gmail), Microsoft (formerly known as and Yahoo!  These services are all highly regarded by many users and are considered to be secure and trustworthy.  Will all three providers, you are able to manage your personal email on you rmobile devices so your messages are always at your fingertips.

Click on the links below to compare GMAIL, Yahoo! and Outlook.  NOTE: When you create an email address with one of these three major providers, you email address suffiix will always be .com.  Decide for yourself which service best suits your personal needs.

Gmail by GoogleYahoo Logo Microsoft Outlook


Employees of banks, companies, community centers, organizations, non-profits, goverment agencies, the military as well as students and faculty in higher learning centers have email addresses assigned by technical administrators.

Here's how to recognize these email suffixes:  
Banks, companies, community centers, organizations, not-for-profits  .com or .org or .net
federal and state government agencies  .gov 
each state also has an extenstion for example mississippi, louisiana or texas  .ms, .la or .tx
education centers that are officially recognized  .edu
libraries can use most of them.   .org, .gov, .stateext or .com
Most countries have their own domain extenstion as well  .us, .se, .sa, .uk, .au etc

Individuals who purchase a domain from a domain registrar to create a personal or small business website will have email addresses that reflect the name and suffix of their sites.  

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