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Advantages of Email vs. Traditional Mail

Why use email?

See below to discuss the reasons.

Is it better than traditional mail?

There are many pros to using email over traditional mail. See below to find out.

What are the benefits and advantages?

There will always be a need to send certain types of letter, forms and official documents through the postal service, but for most everyday communication and even ordering items online, email is not only a requirement but it also makes life easier. Let's compare the key differences:

Traditional Mail vs. Email

Address Format Jane Doe
123 Somewhere Avenue
Anytown, USA 45678
Mode of Delivery Take mail to the post office or drop it in a mailbox
Envelopes and packages are sorted, processed and delivered by a mail carrier to a home mailbox, office or post office box.
Email is converted to a digital message delivered via the internet by the email service provider.
Access email anywhere and anytime. With an internet connection, you can easily access your email from any personal computer, laptop, netbook or mobile device.
Time Local Mail: two-three business days
International mail: four-five business days or up to several weeks, depending on the country.
Mail is not delivered on most national or bank holidays.
Delivered within seconds or minutes on business days, weekends and holidays.
Message & Attachments Messages may include documents, photos or additional paperwork. Attach digital documents, photographs, videos and audio files to your email
Cost The price of postage based on the weight of your letter or package, but at a minumum about half a dollar. Free with an internet connection. And there are plenty of free wi-fi hotspots out there.
Filing Mail File important letters and documents in organizers or a filing cabinet. Create folders and labels for your incoming mail. Organize and save important messages by assigning titles, e.g. Mom, Dad, John, Vacation, Work etc. Set up filters to direct email from specific recipients to the folders you have created. Easy Breazy.
Security Mail can be lost, stolen, delivered to the wrong address, destroyed by sorting machines or opened by unethical parties. Most email services are "secure" via a method of encryption. This means the messages you create are private, and you access your account only by a username and password. Don't share information in an email that you consider to be confidential. Email has the capability of being forwarded, so think twice before hitting send.
Mail Access Mail is delivered by a mail carrier to your home mailbox or P.O. box at your local post office. Email is delivered directly to your inbox as soon as the sender clicks the send button.
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